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Pupil Premium Information

Pupil Premium refers to additional funding provided by the Department for Education to enhance the educations of pupils entitled to Free School Meals (FSM) and Looked After Children (LAC). The aim of the funding is to target additional resources at pupils from the most deprived backgrounds.


The Pupil Premium funding for St Augustine’s School during 2013—14 was £16,200

Funding was spent on:

• One to One and/or small group tuition in English and Maths for identified pupils.

• Training and development of staff to ensure up-to-date skills and knowledge which can support pupils, including FSM pupils, in making good progress.

• Procurement of resources to ensure Pupil Premium pupils can take a full part in topic days and themed events.

• Subsidies for curriculum-enrichment activities, educational visits, visitors to school, after school clubs.

• Contribution towards procurement of additional ICT hardware such as tablet devices and appropriate software to support the learning of Pupil Premium pupils and increase opportunities in school for those pupils and their families to access the internet and the school’s learning platform.


The majority of EYFS pupils for whom funding was received achieved a good level of development in all areas of learning. Where ‘expected progress’ was not achieved pupils’ progress was being supported for other needs e.g. speech and language e.g. EAL (English as an additional language).

The majority of Key Stage 1 pupils achieved or exceeded their end of year / end of Key Stage targets in English and Maths.

The majority of pupils in Key Stage 2 for whom funding was received made expected progress in English and Maths having had additional support through one to one or small group tuition.

The funding ensured that identified pupils were able to access all activities and events which enrich their learning experiences, support their progress and contribute to their overall health and well-being.

Pupil Premium


The amount of pupil premium allocated to St Augustine’s RC Primary School for 2014—15 is £23,400.

This year funding will be spent on:

• Additional teacher support for small group tuition and some support in class of identified pupils in English and Maths.

• Qualified teachers to take after school booster groups.

• To continue to help maintain the current level of support staff within EYFS and Key Stage 1.

• Continuing to subsidise educational visits, after school clubs, visitors to school.

• Helping with the purchase of school uniform and shoes for identified pupils.

• Continuing to focus on Staff development and training as appropriate to ensure Staff have the necessary skills to support pupils.